der Bender.

So Thursday night, I show up at HURTcury Lounge to see the Hold Steady and what- Sold out? Yeah. Huge pile of bullshit? Yes. So Cristi and I went to get some thai food and we came back and dude was like "dahhh we JUST let 24 more people in and now it's sold out again" ... I had been thinking in the restaurant it would be amazing if we could do something totally Mentos and get in anyway. Through the power of wishful thinking the door guy pushed us out of the way and unlocked the backdoor for us and shooed us in. So we got in and we didn't have to pay either. I mean, we also didn't really get to see much of the show but Mentos works in mysterious ways.

The Hold Steady were obviously awesome and I enjoyed the Panthers despite their being some unnecessary ruckus up at the front.

Cristi had work the next day so she had to fuck off and I followed because I hate being alone? No Max Fish for me! haha.

This "sign" was amazing when we thought it just said "Fuck You, Work!" but it infact is part of a larger "Fuck you, work hard for once" - perhaps in response to the message urging people to be accurate with their trash-throwing.

FRIDAY NIGHT--> Me and Crizzums went see Japanther in Williamsburg at some house.

Hey! These are the ruckus-causing fuckers from last night! Following me? Obviously.

That's Rob from Oregon. He punched me in the arm a lot, I punched back but no bruises apparently. I need work.

What's this. Fake laughs? Remind me not to wear a Death from Above shirt with a Death from Above pin on my jean jacket? "Hey dudes! I REALLY LIKE THIS BAND! In fact, I bear the stench of someone who is either *in* the band or *works* for the band or occasionally tours with them?" Bullshit to that! I mean, I know Alex totally loves wearing Threespheres t-shirts with Forms fannypacks and Desert Fathers travel-mugs- but that's his business.

Grade school antics! Putting stuff in peoples windows or my suggestion to take pictures of people sleeping in their homes, became a theme for the evening.

Walking around for mass long. Everything now closed. Sun rising. Crawl back under the rock.

Cristi and I decided on Thursday that in lieu of "long weekend plans" we would just go on "der Bender" so sure, Friday night gets an "A++++++, terrific evening, would recommend!!!!!!!"

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