I partied myself to death!

How in Canada am I?? I am SO in Canada! (Note to new readers: Sorry my diary seemingly started off with a bang for you and has been boring you to tears since. Hilarity comes in waves and right now, your face is in the sand and you're praying for rescue. Hold tight)

I wish I could post some of the amazing pictures I've managed to capture but being away from homebase makes that difficult so we'll party when I get back to New York on December 7th.

Who here has seen 'Old School'? Did that movie make any sense/have any discernable plot or point or even make anyone laugh more than once? Mike and I kept looking at each other with the same face and saying "What?"

Note to Toronto pals: I noticed some of you dickfists were absent from Evil Genius on Saturday and you better have really good excuses- like you were surfing in Lake Ontario and your arm was severed at the shoulder by a lake shark, or you were recently involved in a sex tape scandal and your parents no longer let you drive their Ford Focus.

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