Volo, non valeo

Last night's Popscene? Yo that shit STEALS--- but what's with pals leaving without saying goodbye. Girl Posse said goodbye but when the evening was over, Boy Posse left without bidding adieu, and surprise, so did Pat and Tom. So Dale and I were standing on the street all "Oh." So we went to my house and watched DV movies of fireworks, and of bowling and other amazingness. I have to re-edit my tape that I am compiling... really exciting stuff here.

I recall having an actual idea for an entry today, I do. I just can't remember it now. See, I re-introduced "food" into my diet last night and I don't know how my body is responding to it.

Forget it, I'll fix this later. I'm going to go call my mom about things. Because sometimes when i think i am doing something "right" I am in fact doing something "wrong".... oh. And the recent Latin titles are more for Alex Tween's benefit than anyone elses. Well, unless you understand Latin, in which case maybe you are understanding the more cryptic significance?

My diary's totally highbrow. Sweat it.

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