Girl, don't have an embolism

Ooofah! Yesterday was fraught with dummydom!

Deadwood screening at the Universal screening room... got the time wrong but even so, showed up with Cristi, the doorman downstairs was all "You know.. you're the FOURTH person who's asked me about that...there's no one up there though"

Weird that only FOUR people would have had this problem, unless everyone IMPORTANT got a phone call. "It's a screening and a private dinner right?" I said "Yeah, that's the one" -- no dice.

Cristi and I went to some uptowners type bar- you know, the kind with potato skins for $11.95. I pounded a cider atop my high chair and swapped raunchy tales with Cristi and we parted ways so I could make it down to Mercury Lounge in time for Graham Smith's show.

Sold out. The girl ahead of me- in. Me- not. Panic calls to Skippy, texts too. He shows up and puts me on the list when I realize...

No I.D. Now, since I was about 15, Mercury Lounge has been my second least favorite club in the tri-state area (the first is Knitting Factory) partially to their ridiculous non-negotiable ID policy. Cab back to the west side when I realize ...oh yeah, ID in pocket. Cab turns around. Show up 1 or 2 songs into Graham's set. No big deal I guess. $12 I didn't need to spend.

People were sitting on the floor like it was a goddamn drum circle. So lame! I got suckered into sitting on the floor due to my giant status. I always feel bad when I stand right in front of indie-rock midgets. The midgets need to see too. How else will they blog about it all tomorrow?

Freezing. Went home to catch last 14 minutes of NYPD series finale. Mom was experiencing many tears.

Called Mikey. Awww.. sweet dreams.

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