The Mad Ones

So I was just getting into my night things and setting the old alarm clock for a rather nauseating appointment I have tomorrow morning when the phone rings long distance. I figured it was my mom calling to ask if I needed a wakeup call (she knows me well. need to get up before one? she better call and do it for me)

Me: Hello?
male voice: Is Elizabeth Mann there?
Me: This is she.
male voice: It's Kurt Heasley, I-
Me: I LOVE YOU! OH MY GOD. I've been calling and -
Kurt: I know I know I know I KNOW we just got back from tour and I come home and my PHONE has been cut off and ......
Me: .....
Kurt: (mile a minute kurt heasley trademark banter)
Me: (taking notes)
Kurt: Go read 'The Veldt' if you haven't already. We're doing these 5 websites.. .all based on Ray Bradbury's The Veldt
Me: okay!
Kurt: ....and call my friend Bobby tomorrow if you have the energy. Talk to him for hours. Here is his cell number....
Me: He won't be ....floored or confused by this?
Kurt: Are you kidding? He'll be like 'Elizabeth Mann? TED MANN'S DAUGHTER?" Oh yes! And okay, I'll call you around March 9th/ 10th/ 11 ish and we'll get this started....
Me: Excellent.
Kurt: I love you. Aloha.
Me: I love you too. Goodnight.

Okay there was a little more to it then that. The new record is done but they only have one day to mix it. Young Errol said hello. I was asked if I was doing music. The answer: no. But I've been wanting to so much lately. Yadda Yadda. Already this entry only makes sense to me. So I'll go to sleep. For those of you who are Lilys fans, the new record should be out in the Spring.

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