things that make you go GRRRRRRR

So I guess I am in a bit of a pissy mood because I left my wallet on a Ms. Pacman machine in a bar last night in Brooklyn and had to fly back to Canada without it. Then Continental decided to not include my bag in their 'bag' area so yeah. No clothes. No cds. No new shoes. No makeup. Then I get home to find that Bell Canada has cut off my service. I'd use my cellphone but the charger is in the aforementioned lost luggage that is now sitting somewhere in New Jersey.. though how it will ever get to me considering I don't have a PHONE is beyond me.

They also eliminated the bags of the entire Great Britain gymnastics team and some girl who flew here for a wedding and all her wedding stuff is in her luggage. Thanks for flying!

I'm going downtown now to meet Dennis, use his cellphone and get our drink on. Seriously. What the fuck.

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