Kill Dougie: Vol 2

May is nice isn't it? The flowers, the trees, the allergies and late periods?

But dig this! My "best friend" Dale is coming to stay with me for 2 whole weeks so in a thoroughly uncreative effort to celebrate this- here is a gallery of Dale-related imagery.

This was from the Silver Dollar where we used to hang on Wednesdays with Dan, Beth, Adam, Karen, Dennis Jesse, Sebby, Katie, Cheryl, and randoms. Oh and like... Nick Flanagan.

This was the first day I had my camera. I bought it before work when I worked in a hospital during the SARS outbreak. I figured I deserved it. Anyway, we were walking home from our favorite bar, Pimblett's, which was located about 3 blocks from our house yet Dale always managed to get lost on the way there. I know it's just a picture of my nose basically but it's special (because I have since had my nose replaced with a low-carb nose)

This is in the alley beside the Manhattan Club on Balmuto St. This alley doesn't exist anymore because a building fell on it. A few minutes after this photo Dale was writing in another area: his tag? 'DALELANCASTERRONSON'. Sure man- anonymity is totally overrated. Beth had drawn these amazing rabbits all over and the next week someone had painted the door- but me and Hatty stole this huge neon sign the following week and hid it in this very alley- so it's multi-purpose.

This is inside the club I just spoke of. My 23rd birthday at Evil Genius. Everyone I cared about was there and way too many drinks were bought for me. Afterwards I was like "Miiiiikkkeeey! Buy me this Twix??" and he did. When they're your girlfriend you can have sex with them even when they are wasted!

This is from an art show Dale had at this now extinct gallery, Virus Arts. It's like 8 or 10 feet high. Mick Jagger bought one of Dale's paintings once. As did Beth's parents!

This was outside the last Death From Above show I saw before moving back to New York. It was at Kos and me and Beth and Sebby and Katie and the teens (Eva , Jackie, Johnny?) were hanging outside because it was summer and that's what you do.

Hope you enjoyed this photoromp! I know I enjoyed living it!

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