Club Beatdown

So about a week ago my friend Karen and i were just talkin noise on IM and she stumbled upon some website that provided endless amounts of joke fodder (you know, "people"? ). I've included links so you can play along at home! I apologize if you live in LA and do *not* dress like you are on a French-Canadian children's television show. My bad.

la bella lugosi:don't you love party pics?
la bella lugosi: this one is the best
fevrier records:where is this club? or is it from all over?
la bella lugosi:LA of course.
fevrier records:I was just going to say... they look pretty west coast
fevrier records:oh dude.. that picture you linked is ILLLLLLL . grrrrosssss
la bella lugosi:yah west coast people look very ...colourful la bella lugosi: i have NO idea what the dynamic is between those three guys
fevrier records:dude all LA people look like they fell out of a vending machine at IGA
la bella lugosi:hahahah
la bella lugosi:yah, totally gross. i think its because of a store called Hot Topic there.
fevrier records:hahha I know about the hot topic. haha
fevrier records:this girl is just ILL matic
fevrier records:dude. Ms. Pacman is cool... no need to dress up like her though
la bella lugosi: god what song do you think she's dancing to?
la bella lugosi: < oh , heres one of her
fevrier records:whoa sure hope my gut doesn't stick out like that when I dance
fevrier records: nice bruise
la bella lugosi: that's what dale calls stylish people. he goes "this girl had mad styles, she looked all party pic-ed out!"
la bella lugosi:yah, nice fist-shaped bruise
la bella lugosi:ew, on top of being orange all over, he has dirty palms :-(
fevrier records:basically people in LA are total fucking MUTANTS
fevrier records: like I can't tell if they want to be in Sailor Moon or a Tom Petty video
la bella lugosi:hahahhahahaH!!

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