I own you.

On Thursday, my second to last day of work (post-being told i couldn't look at personal email on company time) I quickly jotted this email off to my mother.

If a perfume exists that smells like clean laundry I need you or Antoinette to find it for me.


And so she wrote back saying basically , "So in other words, a scent that never occurs naturally on you, your clothing or anything in your home- and with which you are probably grossly unfamiliar."
Well...... yeah. Basically.

Here is another little story about my mother. She is my alarm clock. Every morning at 7am (or any time that I specify) she calls my house so i get up for work. If I inform her that I cannot get up right now, she calls back in 8-10 minutes.
She will stay on the phone with me until I either a) lie in my bed for a few minutes and mentally select what i am going to wear (or ask her advice) or b) get out of bed and turn on the lights. Before hanging up she will ask if it's safe to hang up and if I am really awake. Sometimes at this point I say, "Better call me back in 45 minutes just in case." Then we hang up our phones.

But the other morning I got up before 7am and got in the bath. As soon as I got in I realized I hadn't warned my mother as to my bathing plans. The phone rang. Below is a transcription of her message.

Honneeeyyy.. where are you? ....I know you're there....I hope you're there.... It's your last dayyyyy!!!! Yay!!!!!!!....where you be? ...Are you looking for the phone? "WHERES THE PHOOOONNNNE???!?!?!" ..bye bye. i'll call you in a few....if I don't hear from you."
message 2
"bu bu! ....where you go? ...you have to answer or I'll be worried you choked on a chickpea....so...um...yeahhhhh...can you hear me?....okay...WAH!!"


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