leave the birth control to him...

Tonight I went to go see Currently in These United States play at Sneaky Dee's. As always, they totally ruled. I peeped Matt Collins' underwear at one point and it appeared to be white, then later he had his back to the audience and it was blue. Now there is only one explanation for this. Magic.

Okay, magic or Hypercolor*, or Matt wears 2 pairs of underwear, or I am blind. Craig rocked so hard his little glasses fell off and I don't even think any equipment got smashed.

I left early because I have yet another interview tomorrow and waiting for the bus at Dundas West this girl-of-Jamaican-descent was talking a blue streak about astrological signs to this dude. Then she shouted to the station "if you're a Cancer and a girl you are a WHORE!" I bit my lip as she illustrated this "fact" with examples. "Pamela Anderson?!? ...Lil' KIM??" and some girl she knew from church and used to play basketball with. In case y'all didn't know, I am a cancer. People get me confused with Pamela Anderson and Lil Kim all the time too. It's kind of annoying.

Anyway. Have sex with me now, Canada! I'm moving back to New York in six months.

*Remember Hypercolor? Those lame shirts that were hella ugly and changed color with body heat? I remember wanting one as a little kid but in retrospect, why would you want a shirt that would turn like blue in the armpits, alerting everybody that it is hot out and you are a smelly slob?

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