Don't make me come over there!

So, let's play catch-up. I got my luggage back. Just in time to go see Femme Fatale and The (fabulous) Red Light Sting. Sure I had to sneak in since I had no ID (remember: wallet is in Brooklyn) There was a cute boy there. I kept making Dennis try and get pictures of him.

I've had pizza like 4 nights this week.

I got a job.

Tonight was my second time seeing Death From Above. It was Canada's first

It stirred a lot of things in me. Namely, the desire to eat NUFF ROTI, but also to compose these wonderful haikus for everyone i know.

Hey Death From Above
You sound not like Lightning Bolt
What was that girl on?

Where is my roti?
I search far and wide for you
Yeah fuck you Queen St.!

Oh Lipton Sidekicks
Who the fuck is your daddy?
So tasty you are

Another bunny
One for you and one for me
Don't make me cut you

I can show up drunk
my paycheck gone far too soon
Here Bell Canada!

Oh why don't you just
let me give you a blowjob
stop frontin already

Star Wars Ep'sode 2
Such a crappy cereal
Yo, shortbread? come on.

I call you so much
Get a fucking cell phone Dale
Meh gwon kill ya ass

Apple computers
Your i-Book gives me boner
I miss your old logo

How are babies made?
Alex Tween keeps asking me
Frankly I don't know

Okay! Wasn't that like the most painful entry ever? Well congratulations for waiting this long for such crap and then actually reading it too! Maybe I'll give you the day off tomorrow.

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