Win, place or show

I am adding an entry more to squelch the raging "debates" on my comments board which are not about me, and are thereby totally uninteresting.

Round 3 of the Housewife Olympics is kicking into high gear. A trip to the post-office is imminent, as is some more CD burning, some luggage packing, some cookie decorating, and some smoking of drugs. Hey man, some housewives are into that?

I was hoping to get my website. the ebMpire, revamped in time for Christmas but I don't know if i will have time. Tonight *is* the Death from Above show in Mississauga, and tomorrow night *is* the Currently in These United States show at.. um.. somewhere. But I am awake till dawn anyway.. so it could happen.

I know my internal dialogue is entrancing you. Bye.

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