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23 September 2001
NP: The Fall

So, it's Sunday afternoon and I am about to go to the grocery store, complete with last night's eyemakeup trailing down to mid-cheek, because I'm hot like that.

But now what I'm wondering is- is it weird to bike to the complete opposite end of Toronto to bring fresh baked ginger snaps to some boy at his work? Is that a nice cute thing to do or is he gonna be like "um...don't you live like 23 miles from here?"

He might. But the point is...EVERYONE LIKES COOKIES! And I could use the asskicking bike ride. Maybe I'll even live dangerously and take my discman. The new Beulah is almost worth getting hit by a car for. The Coast is Never Clear . Go buy it. I just emailed my mom to. She went out to buy a new stereo because her new My Morning Jacket cd didn't sound good on the other one. Isn't that rad?! She lived with her REALLY BAD cd player for over a year, blasting a number of sub-par records, but then she puts in At Dawn and is all "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!"

My mom also says "fuck" repeatedly when we are in nearly constructed houses far bigger than ours. "Who needs 7 bathrooms?!"

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