Feel the Pain

Hello ye throngs of citizens... Citizens of Diaryland...

If any of you are tight with the Canadian Ministry of Weather, can you please phone them and tell them to stop fucking around- because it's May 21 and I'd really like to take my mittens off. People are always yapping about "global warming" but I would like to know where is that global warming NOW, when we need it! (My pal Chris informed me that I am an idiot because some big chunk of Antarctica just melted off but like, fuck that, why are they warming THAT place? No one even lives there?)

In other news, I have a bunch of LAME phone calls to make but I woke up really late and now I just want to have fun fun fun, you know? Part of that fun involves going to the dollar store! It's the only store in my price range right now and for a good long time probably. Last night i was sad sad, now I am happy happyish. Go team!

this is me and jesse at... I mean, on Saturday.

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