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Last night held a lot of promise, and although it was still fun... i guess it could also be described as kind of a bust. Some heists were pulled though... and that's always good- especially when Beth stole the "party cubes" cheese. That really got the party started. Think about a party- now cube that thought. Hello?

I played the new Eve song among other things and afterwards Batry, Beth and I went to a party on Dovercourt.. blah blah... drank... danced to 'Hey Ma' ... went to Beth's ...slept. Woke up this morning and ate some Subway. Now I'm home and want a bath. Dale's art show was a disappointment to him. People are a disappointment to me. But this is nothing to bat an eyelash over. Here is a conversation Beth and i had about some art last night....

me: i like that one... with the doe and the little doodles on it...

Beth: It's got little narwhals on it...

Me: I like those fish that look like unicorns!!

Beth: Yeah. I said that. Narwhal.

Me: Uh... hmm? I'm not all science fiction

Beth: It's not science fiction, that's what they are really called!

Me: narWHALE?

Beth: Narwhal.

Me: Yeah whatever, Harry Potter.

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