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Friends and Family!

I am sick as a wolf. Please contribute to my life-support fund by clicking the paypal button below???

It's funny/adorable that my boyfriend and I got totally sick at the same time in different countries and can only cough down the telephone and wish we cuddling in a less "virtual" sense. Afterall, we don't have to worry about infecting the other. Unlike Mikey however, I also have a yeast infection? I like to think it's because my vagina is sad. It's tears are very unpleasant however.

Okay! Enjoy that wealth of information while I take a walk with my mother. I haven't left the house in 2 days and I need to breathe some Manhattan air. I hear they are going to start charging $.25 a breath to live in the meat-packing district so I want to drink up while it's still free. It's funny. I remember when no one wanted to live in "MEPA" because it was over-run with tranny hookers, small rivers of blood, hunks of decaying meat and crumbling cobblestone streets (one of the last fragments of New York's monumental history, they really do a number on your stilettos!?!)

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