the CMJ took my baby away

So. CMJ, right bros? Basically I slept on the whole thing except for the first night because fuck it- I live in New York and I can see most of these bands whenever. So Wednesday, October 22, my pal Zoe and her amazing band The Red Light Sting arrived. I went out to see their show at Northsix but whoops- missed it. So some other Red Light Sting members and myself journeyed to the Knitting Factory to see Ex-Models and Les Savy Fav play.

Whoopie! I got into the show for free because I bought the tickettakers a sandwich! I ran into Toronto pals, The Creeping Nobodies! I got recognized on the street because of this very website! Eugene Mirman was in attendence, and- perhaps most importantly- my hobbit-crush Isaac Brock was there! We talked about babies, the current state of Modest Mouse and how his lips are really chapped right now! I didn't want to be all "remember me? Athens, GA? 2000?" but I may have said it anyway. Point is - it was an awesome show/evening that was only about to get more awesome.

We got back in the van to go back to Northsix to pick up Zoe and then find a party. The boys were all tired, so Zoe and I hit the road solo. Back to Knitting Factory to check on hobbit-crush and where this French Kiss afterparty was... but then we saw Jordan from Blood Brothers and the JR Ewing dudes and they wanted us to come with them to Pianos and who am I to deny others the RADICAL PARTY that is "hanging out with e. mann" ? ???

You can't tell from this photo but there were 16 people in this van. We really just could have partied in there but you know... no booze, no place to urinate, etc. Once at Pianos- Zoe and I met some ridiculous chap who made fun of Zoe's legwarmers and tried to tell us he owned Vancouver island (and also a casino in Vegas- but that came later. Like after Zoe told him she was in The Strokes) The great part is Zoe somehow convinced this colostomy bag to buy us drinks. And I somehow convinced his friend to no longer be friends with him (inadvertantly). He on the other hand, convinced ME that he plays Red Green's retarded nephew on the Red Green show (also inadvertantly). He is pictured below with totally awesome Jay from Pretty Girls Make Graves.

Here is where the insanity begins. So after we escape the torment/hilarity of talking to morons- we go upstairs where you can smoke apparently. Everyone is sitting around the bar unhappy. "Why?" asks Elizabeth Mann

"Well fuck, there is no bartender up here. So we can't get any drinks!"

"On the contrary, my friends, we can get EVERY drink."

"Why eBeth, whatever do you mean?"

"Hey Zoe, you like Hoegaarden? Good. Here you go. Hey Jay, you want a Stella? No glass? Let me get that for you. Hey dude from JR Ewing , they have Brooklyn Lager in Sweden? Give this a whirl..."

In case the subtlety of that largely fake conversation washed over you like so much smoke from the bong: I was pouring drinks from the customer-side of the bar to the shock and elation of everyone present. Hello? I thought you guys were into ROCK AND ROLL? But I was more than glad to help. It's a little trick I learned in Canada.

I also took a picture of a Danish guy taking his shirt off but he was embarrassed at the time so I won't post it. Hey- just because I inspire europeans to loosen up while engineering fun doesn't mean I take advantage.

Entry done.

Oh P.S. I can't remember any of my jokes from that evening I only remember they were fucking non-stop and hilarious.

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