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Sometimes my mom and I tackle the tough issues. Here is a conversation we had recently about cloning. I love how I assume we are both getting one.

Lindasaur: I've been toiling over the computer ALL day...I wish I could clone MYSELF
fevrier records:yeah that would be ideal
fevrier records: you also wouldn't have to pay your clones. you could be like., fuck you. I own your ass
fevrier records: you don't need to eat. just write stuff
Lindasaur: yeah, yeah.... good plan....I keep EVERYTHING
fevrier records: i wonder that about clones... like can they flip out like normal humans... like what if your clone killed you?
Lindasaur: well, the cloned sheep turned out to have genetic dilution...causing weird mental/physical stuff, I think
fevrier records: like I bet people would just treat clones like slaves
Lindasaur: But how could they...wouldn't the clone have its independent brain and free will? You wouldn't think as ONE person
Lindasaur: and you wouldn't be a programmed robot
fevrier records: i know
fevrier records: but like... you'd look at it and see you... and knew you came first and this was just like a xerox
fevrier records: and if it's kinda YOU .. can't you treat YOU however you want? (like shit) I think it would just be MY natural tendency anyway
fevrier records: to think of the clone as my other half
fevrier records: so I could be like "dude.. you weren't even BORN out of a pussy. Now make me breakfast or I'll have you killed. "
Lindasaur:But if they had a similar superior brain...like yours...why would they listen?
fevrier records: true. they could be like "make THIS, bitch!"
fevrier records: how weird... imagine being totally pissed at your clone or thinking she was a nerd. the overt self-examination properties of it all are truly too-rich-fo-my-blood!
Lindasaur: me, too....I would be too-a-confuse alla-da-time
fevrier records:hahha like.. would you have to call it Linda?
fevrier records: you would be SO pissed if she had a boyfriend and you didn't!
fevrier records:but then again, maybe you could share him... ?
Lindasaur: honey...my life is too complicated as it is....I'd rather have a butler
fevrier records: yeah
fevrier records: i'd rather have a ski-doo

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