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> Thing to do before 2002: switch from acrylics to oils.
So tonight is Friday, well I guess it's actually Saturday morning because it's 4am and I'm a tad stoned and meaning to get some Flash done for Davy's big party on June 30th but chatting on AIM is more fun. I did some more work on the ebMpire today but Network Gayass Solutions still hasn't emailed me back about the small fact that it appears they have put my domain name on the fucking auction block even though I have owned it for like 3 years and paid them on time. all the time. bunch of rubbish!

Deirdre and I are talking again which is awesome and we had a funny little IM conversation yesterday which i will post for you now.

fevrier records: what can you give rabbits to make them fat?

OhXbondage: cheeeese!

OhXbondage: burger king!!!

fevrier records: yeah? is that okay for them to eat

OhXbondage: no its bad for them. dont do that at all

fevrier records: i gave her a fig newton the other day

OhXbondage: hahaa

OhXbondage: that sounds good for her

fevrier records: but those are low fat cookies

OhXbondage: i mean old people like figs

OhXbondage: bunnies are like old people in a way

fevrier records: this was actually a brand X fig newton. it was 'wild jumbleberry'

OhXbondage: whoahhahhaha jumbleberry!

fevrier records: they don't dig loud music and they wonder what's with kids today?

fevrier records: what else makes bunnies like old people?

OhXbondage: hmm lets think

OhXbondage: they relax alot, old people like to relax

OhXbondage: also, they're miniature....like old people

fevrier records: yes!

OhXbondage: they could all seem jewish.....LIKE OLD PEOPLE!

fevrier records: hahhahaha...my bunny thinks jews are kinda sorry

OhXbondage: ok well could she seem jewish tho? or not at all?

OhXbondage: alot of times they have that "cranky" face. its all scrunched up by their noses...and thats old people right there

fevrier records: i'm trying ot think. I mean, she does this thing where I'll fill up her food bowl and she be munching away and then she'll pick it up and dump it thru the grate so all the food gets annihilated and she'll beg for more food. Like, that's just sorta bitchy.

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