i am a gifted filmmaker.

28 December 2001

So my new digital video camera is great. But like with all new toys, one spends the first few hours with the thing glued to one's hand creating pure crap. Oh wow! Let me take a picture of my hand! Here is my mom talking on the phone and/or enjoying a cookie! This is a really exciting shot of my knees inside a taxicab!

By Christmas day at least we had my grandma saying "blow job" on tape and that produced some laughs. With that, you also receive behind the scenes christmas footage of my cousin and I getting high in the basement before dinner!, various double chins and bad profiles, NJ transit bus ride footage, and old people opening presents! Order now and we'll throw in the holiday classic, 'Elizabeth and Deirdre sit in front of the camera and do nothing in an east village bar on Chrismas Night while a Sugar song plays in the background' !!! Can you afford to miss this??

Deirdre got a digital camera from her parents for christmas and of course it has been used exclusively for photographing her breasts, crotch and ass. For educational purposes.

happy holidays

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