Taking a nap for Democracy!

Sorry that my entries have been short and/or dull- but this because, much like Nicky Hilton, I have been working on my clothing line.

In other news, there is some weird hippy party going on in New York City! It goes on all day and all night and there's shouting, and bikes and signs! I thought it was the last Phish show but then I was like "Oh wait- there's only 3500 people here. 1/20th of the turnout at a fucking JAM BAND's last show."

To celebrate my eventual move back to CANADA I guess, I went to the Knitting Factory to see my pals Mazarin. The sound guy was totally in a K hole, so Quentin cut the set short in favor of 'alcohol olympics.' Dana and I talked about crafts, sluts and snacks. Then we got some snacks. But no sluts. Those were reserved for the singer of OK Go (who, according to Dana, showed an unwavering commitment to expelling really intense GAS in the dressing room).

I am going to Toronto on Thursday (yes!) to go the X obviously. I will be free all day Friday (till 6) so hanging out will be dealt with on a lottery basis- please submit your applications via email. emannATprdivas.com

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