Did you say... ASS JAMMERS?

Okay okay- the "phonecall that changed everything" was just the temp agency calling to blow a bugle in my ear and get me up off the tear-stained pillow and up into some hedge fund within 2 hours. So for one week I worked in finance- which was an awesome way to lose 5 pounds and realize that I never ever want to work in finance. I'd talk more about it but a) you'd be bored, 2) that is how people end up in jail.

Speaking of ending up in jail- America's got me all paranoid to talk about getting baked! I wanted to tell you guys that I've been sick with some hacky, phlegmy, lunger bullshit and haven't been able to blaze in days- but then I think "Oh gosh. What if a Special Agent reads this and I become the next casualty in the war on drugs???" but then I remember that no matter what I say, I remain, E.B. Mann: AWESOME AMERICAN.

Anyway- I didn't really come here to talk about weedtreats or 'totally tempin' or anything else besides last wednesday's mega-awesome experience. Ted and I gorged at Taste of Tokyo, grabbed up a case of Miller Lites at Rite Aid (totally did NOT believe they would sell beer there but Ted was determined to prove me wrong and did so) - it was raining cats and dogs so we hailed a cab. "To Kemado Records please!!!"

The dudes were hanging around listening to Ted's previously recorded 'radio dude' bumpers and figuring out which ones should go where on the new Cheeseburger record. Crackin' up was on the menu!

Then Ted and I wrote a really funny commercial for a fictional New Jersey nightclub and recorded that shit for maximum humourous FX!

Tim came by too! Go Brewers! The best part was that even though I didn't get to bed till after 3am I wasn't a total wastecase at work. BEST. EMPLOYEE. EVER. That's all I really have to say on the subject.

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