No. What R *U* talking about?

13. december 2001.

So my post yesterday has proved quite controversial. I mean, just look at the thought-provoking exchange I had with this young man.


From: IMMikeiMugly@XXX.XXX


Subject: what the hella re u talking about

Date: Wed, Dec 12, 2001, 12:03 AM

thouhg it is incredibley easy to kill yourself i knew a kid who shot himself in the head and lived becausee it went between his brain lobes and stupid shit. dont get me wrong though its easy, but not everyone who failed is a moron.


Here was my response:

You're right. he is a moron because he can't work a gun and is now probably completely tarded and has to go through life explaining why his head looks like a calzone. that's a shame.

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