Same as it ever was....

Okay! As it turns out the previous entry was only funny to me! And only for like 18 hours!

Moving on.

Last night did not offer the original brand of awesomeness it was supposed to, but that's okay because I am robot and expect little from humans! I had a lovely dinner with Beth after work then we went to her house and drew hilarious tings and played with large rabbits.

I came home and worked on some design stuff and chit chatted with Molvod and James Kim. Molly mentioned she was talking to Jim Kim online too and I asked if he was also asking to see her tits.. and he basically was! Oh Jim Kim, will you never learn? I really miss my west coast pals (oh and family) and hope to get out there sooner rather than ...well never. I have been saying "I'm coming to LA soon!" to Molly for so long it's become mildly retarded.

But I have to give all my money to Bell Canada before Friday, so who knows. Let's all click that paypal donation button shall we? My sister is almost a teenager and I need to see her before her taste in clothes and music is forever marred by being a Californian. It's been 4-5 years. I'm the worst family member ever?

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