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<11:51 a.m.>you say it's yr birthday?

So since that nice TTC driver drove me home in his car the other night I have made two new pals on the bus/at bus stops. Now, you would think after I acquired a stalker by this method I would be a little more careful but basically, I'm all about the love.

fevrier records: guess who is almost 21?

Lindasaur: The cutest little American in Toronto??

Yeah. Hee hee. So July 18th is my birthday and you should go to www.ebmpire.com and peep my amazon.com wishlist and basically buy me things or send me email... clinic@canada.com

So, I have a million and one errands to do today so of course I am sitting on my ass typing this out and IMing my pals all "it's my birthday tomorrow rahhH!!" and tonight is the Add N to (x) show people! Fuck yeah! It's going to be epic and hopefully I won't be able to stand up. Alright. This was a real piece of crap entry. Sorry about that. Not quite as bad as my kit carter entries on dodgeball.com. Kit Carter is a mystery. I am not really Kit Carter, I am just part of the team. Don't believe the hype.

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