Rejection doesn't bother me, I'll buy you breakfast then you'll see

I feel like i am going to barf, but it's cool because i feel like this at least 3 times a day. Also, tonight we had company over and i was jogging into the kitchen to shut off the timer when WHOOPS i tripped on my sock, kicked this huge box, fell on my knee then curled into fetal position and screamed for a while, and then kicked the box again- this time it's personal.

Dale came running.... to shut off the timer. i just lay on the floor for a while until the laughter of my friends subsided.

Earlier in the day I had braved the bitter cold to pick Dale up from work and go to the Green Room- which if you have never gone at like 3pm on a Monday is full of homelesses and drunks and crazies and a couple of gays- who were first and foremost "drunks" and only secondarily "gays." Yeah, and then we took the subway, then we waited for the streetcar, watched some TV, ate, breathed, watched some more crap. Boring fucking life. I hate winter.

I am a pretty lazy person. I am usually proud of myself if I do one thing each day (take a bath, do the dishes, make a phone call NOT to a friend or family member, buy food, water some plants) (Notice how i did not include 'doing laundry' in the above list as that counts as 2 things really because a) it takes so long and b) has many steps (washer, dryer, folding) and it is always coupled with c) putting the laundry away)

But I digress.

Lately, doing one thing a day (going to the Green Room with Dale for instance) does not seem to be enough. I really should have checked the mail at least, or cleaned my room or killed myself.

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