this entry is boring okay?

So today I finally got up at around 4:38 and did some dishes. Now I'm going in the kitchen to play with felt and pinking shears and listen to records.

I got an email today from a dude who wants to put some of my paintings in a virtual gallery, so I said virtually yes. I get excited when people email me about stuff. It doesn't happen very often.

My rabbit is doing these cute things I have never seen her do before; reclining on her side and moving her little feet along the bars of the cage and her ears are sticking straight up out of her head. Oh wait, now she is curled up in a ball sleeping...can you STAND IT!?? I just turned the music down. Poor thing. There is never a moment of total silence or total darkness in this house.

Deloitte and Touche just called. I was in the top 4 out of 250 applicants but now "unfortunately we are not going to be moving forward in our interview process." That's okay I guess. Going home with the bronze doesn't bother me. I would have been the youngest person in the entire company too. That's kind of strange.

Here is a picture of me and Beth. I look like an ogre. And so it goes.

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