Is This It?

20 December 2001

So Beth and her man came over last night for fondue and we ate and played with Bunny Cleo and Mike read and played gameboy and I suggested we go to the liquor store.

Which we did. In the rain. We got all sorts of yummy things and the checkout lady was a real chatty cathy. She carded all of us but I guess she felt kinda bad because we look so awesome right? so she blabbed about it for mass long and then this other girl came over when Beth's id was getting inspected and said "I don't know... you think it's real?" We got out of there and laughed. I invented a new word. "LCBee-yotches. " It only makes sense if you live in Ontario. Sorry.

So we consumed back at my house then took a cab downtown and dropped off Mike so Beth and I could get retarded! We arrived at the Vomitorium and waited on line. Ugh. Once inside neither of us was having a good time, they confiscated beth's cap gun, we got drinks, danced a bit and then I asked her if she would "like to get the fuck out of here?" And she did. Once out of the street I suggested we go to this afterhours place in Kensington and to my surprise she was totally down because you know, she only had a plane to catch in a few hours so why not get even more wasted right? So we peed together in between these houses and then we were on our way! Wheee!

Dave Barnes was already there. And there were 2 kitties and 2 rock chick has-beens! It was quite the happening! blah blah blah I burned Beth with a cigarette and burned myself and spilled stuff, and someone walked in on me in the bathroom... blah blah.

Beth and Dave and I left around 5:30? We went to the Dominion and dave ate olives and an apple in the store. I of course bought some brie and crackers? Sometimes I have no idea what is wrong with me.

So we all went back to Beth's and ate brie and little toasts and Beth said she was tired and Dave and I um.. stayed up but then.. I never heard her get up again.. or pack? Or leave for Chicago? I hope she did and I was just passed out... otherwise she has some very sad parents waiting at O'Hare for the daughter that just won't show.

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