Okay. November 1st, the reprise.
Last night was both halloween and the first full moon on halloween since 1955. I guess that means it was high time to bust open Beth's legs with a drive-by egging! It was so scary, the noise was really loud and there was egg goo all over. Then we went to this party and played with a fake bat attached to a ceiling fan for a long time. I discovered that if I stood on my toes I could wack the bat out of it's normal orbit. Beth kept wacking the bat with her hand and finally it got all caught up in the fan and busted it and we pretended like nothing happened and went outside for a while.

At one point Beth was drinking wine out of a plastic ikea cup and looking for something to eat. There was but one cheese doodle left in a bowl.

"Should I eat this?"
"Yeah sure."
"Do you think it's soggy?"
"Probably not."

Beth takes one bite of the cheese doodle and holds the rest between her thumb and index finger like some fancy canape. Then we both made some comment about wine and cheese
" ...but the wine is in a plastic cup"
"Yes. And the cheese is on a doodle."

This struck us both as marvelous. So we left and went ot Lava Lounge and the boy I like wasn't there and we danced and drank heavily and I kept losing my balance because of my dumb eyepatch.

When the evening was over we were all still ready to rock rock rock but everyone was being a pussy so we were left to our imagination. Our imagination included walking to an IMAGINARY GOOD TIME like 40 blocks away, with no coats, and then walking back to Beth's house where we played guitar and admired the kitty cats.

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