"Don't Get Scared"

I have found myself saying this to myself on and off for about 8 years. Like when my eyes won't focus or my chin does that quivering thing where I know I am about to burst into tears but I don't always know why, or I get really freaked out about the future because I can't tell you what I'll be doing tomorrow let alone 5 years from now. But being scared of yourself is the worst thing- and thus I remind myself verbally never to do it. And it helps.

Last night Alex came over and drove me, jesse and cheryl over to Lit where some party was supposedly going on. The music was punishingly loud and the kids were too shook to dance to Justin Timberlake so we split and went to Daddy's instead. Alex got a hotdog, I got carded. Afterwards we went to Joe's Pizza (famous or original? famous original? aboriginal?) then home, then nap.

Today Jesse and Cheryl will have lunch with some V2 guy and check out Canal St, while I stay home and try and upload pictures from all the aforementioned and unpack a bit.

The humidity here is out of control as is the amount of food I have consumed since being home. Anxiety or boredom. Your choice.

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