no really, who IS your daddy?

Last night was Block Party at 56 Kensington and I had fun but Beth Anne FAGriolet did not show up and will receive a beating when she least expects one (or Friday at Popscene) Unless like, she had a good reason to not be there- (getting impailed on a flagpole, tapeworms, growing a penis, etc)

Dale and Meredith and Maggie and Karen kept me company. They are all scrollin'! I kept drinking and feeling totally fine? It was only at 8am this morning when I had to get up that i truly felt like the bag of balls that I was. I ate baked beans for breakfast.

My apartment is messy because I am depressed by all this lame weather but every time I look at the mess it depresses me too much to clean it. If the damn sun would shine maybe I would go outside and run around and be all energized to clean up stuff. I have seasonal afFAGtive disorder for sure.

I am going to watch some of my favorite movies after my nap. Too bad I do not have Three Amigos on tape anymore.

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