Fake Scottish People.

Such a wave of tiredness- so I'll keep shit brief. Tonight Dale came over and I made dinner. A little heavy-handed with the salt I'm afraid. He made me laugh so hard I almost peed in the subway station. I made him come to see Country Teasers with me at the Silver Dollar. We went to a party. Then Dale told a bunch of tasteless jokes. I got really tired so we left. It's 5am. We just ate some leftover dinner. Tomorrow we meet our new landlord.

The new place is so phat. I have my own jacuzzi. MuchMusic needs to get a CRIBS show so we can be on it.

Raymi wanted me to mention her and the bike accident that she had on Saturday night. She also commented on how her boyfriend, who I have known for 4 years has not seen my nipples- but she has- after knowing me for about a week. Very astute.

I am being told to go to bed.

Fuck you. My brother can fucking kill you. I don't care who you go git.

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