Power down, powered up: The night New York got wasted

Alex: apparently the Iraqis are gloating since the US made them lose their electricity for a while.

Elizabeth: Well whatever, when we took to the streets last night we managed not to loot the MOMA and/or stone a bunch of women to death. So kudos to New Yorkers.

Major kudos. This afternoon, when the lights came back on, visions of last night's druidic carnival of fire, ad hoc marching bands, free flowing alcohol and comraderie flashed before my eyes followed by a frown-faced emoticon. A large part of me was sad to see it end. Sure I missed the running water and air conditioning, but the atmosphere of the previous evening was something to cherish.

I'm glad I didn't cower in my apartment like so many miserable shrecks, crying into my bottled water about how my fax machine wasn't working. I watched the sunset from the hudson river park with a friend I've had since kindergarten, danced in the streets, caroused, drank vodka and sucked on stolen oranges. I walked for miles and observed shapes and colours I'll never see again. I used my rods and cones - not flashlights - and discovered the dark isn't scary afterall.

Pictures and video clips to follow.

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