I.P. Yo!

My boyfriend asked me last night if I was getting bored of my diary. "Is it that obvious?," I replied. The truth is - I'm not so much bored as I am busy, and writing about what is keeping me busy would make for an unfathomably dull 'web experience.'My job isn't boring or anything- but who wants to read about work? Who even wants to GO?

Soon I will get a grip on my time management abilities and can redesign the format as well as provide exciting multimedia content on a regular basis, using a business model I learned at Wharton.

In the future, this website will also be able to calculate your spiritual significance to the rest of the world as well as prepare simple meals. All very good reasons why you should get in on the ground floor by clicking that Paypal button.

E.B.M.'s I.P.O.? You heard it here first.

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