Snotty Elizabeth and her snotty emails

(So it's actually August 23rd but I am backdating because my entry got effed yesterday.)

So, the 21st was a 'Liz mann is seriously kickin some ass and takin care of business in style" type of today and the 22nd was a 'Liz Mann is a total angry and mean-spirited bitch, with a twist of lime" type day.

So I wake up (probably around 3pm) and I get this dumb email:

Thank you for your interest in The Creative Group.

It appears that you are currently working full-time. At the moment The Creative Group is only representing freelance professional available for short-term temporary assignments, we do not place out-right perm.

If you are on a contract please let me know when you will be available or if your full-time employment situation changes, and you are looking for freelance work, contact us.

and in reply I wrote:

No. I am not working full time. If I was, or if I found my job rewarding both financially and emotionally, I would not be seeking other employment. Evidently, "resumes" are sent out of dissatisfaction with a present situation.

Hello? Like I send out resumes and then wait for people to call so I can say, "What? a JOB? I already have a job, mister! I think you better take your shady shenanigans elsewhere!"

Then later in the day i am looking for some very specific piece of clip art and I stumble across this nightmare.

Hahahaha. Shut up! She is a "designer." Did you READ the Frequently asked Questions?! Hell-O! Anyway, I guess I was having a bad day and wanted to make myself feel better, naturally "hurting others" was the first thing that came to mind. I popped off the following little missive:

Have you even SEEN another web page in the last 7 years? Drop shadows? Textured backgrounds? SETS?

Do you still have a CB radio? Call for help.

Warms the cockles of your heart don't it? But seriously, some people should just... like... not get hit by a bus necessarily but maybe fall into a pothole and hyperextend something.

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