Another McSorley's?

"Anyone that says that taking the train is faster than driving has really never been in a car" says Billy as we zip under the J train in Alex's Camry. Tonight was pretty fun. It involved nice pastries, Joe's Pizza, and lots of beer. Not exactly a combination to make Martha Stewart proud, but then again insider trading does less than make ME proud, of her.

The always over-the-top Billy W****** has fallen for some Israeli bartender dude and was asking the rest of the posses' opinions on whether or not the guy is gay. I say yes. Billy says yes. Alex says no. Brian says no- in fact he said "He is straight, ugly and a bore. 3 strikes!" I added that "gay or straight, he still has bad skin."

Basically he gets the thumbs down. Just like air quality in New York. I can't wait to get back to Toronto and chill in my yard with my cherry trees, forty million varieties of incessant bird chirps and insanely close proximity to Mexican domestic abuse/barbeques.

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