I talk - you listen.

It's totally my birthday! Last night karen and I enjoyed delicious popsicles on the street in celebration. Then we saw Nick Flanagan being hi-larious at the Silver Dollar, went to the Cameron House, took lots of pictures and got pizza at Amato. (pictures later)

At 9:01 pm EST I will turn 23 so please set an alarm in your home for this time and when it rolls around, please enjoy one of your favorite activities in honour of me. You can send photographs of yourself celebrating my birthday and I will treasure them always. Though if one of your "favorite activities" is sex with the animals then maybe don't send a picture or send a picture that looks really fake so I can reassure myself like, "Oh they photoshopped this- it's not even a real cow"

On second thought, perhaps it would be best to just DRAW a picture -- don't actually send a real photograph because I don't know what electronic transfer laws govern that sort of thing and I'll be damned if I go to jail because you celebrated MY birthday in a really fucked up fashion.

...but I digress.

Below are a couple of safe-for-children pictures imbued with Christian values. Me at work in my SARS protection gear and one of Mike and myself in the Skyride at Centre Island.

Also- anybody who's ANYBODY will be at Evil Genius this evening and I will cry if I check my diaryland referrer logs, see that you live in Toronto, read this page before 11pm, and STILL didn't come. It's at Manhattan Club. That's on 19 Balmuto St. (Yonge and Bloor). Google it .

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