I never heard of a baby swallowing a magazine before.

And now for some pictures of people you probably don't know, and none of nipples or adorable dogs.

Nick Flanagan came in from Toronto to be funny. Here we are on some roof in Brooklyn where he is about to feed me some Maker's Mark. It was officially my birthday.

This was at Nick's pal Dara's apartment. It was a 6th floor walk-up. By the time I got up there I was almost feeling full-on Corpse FX. Marco made me a gin and tronics and I pulled through.

My actual birthday was on a Sunday, dig? And I had work the next day so I couldn't take it to the top as I would under normal circumstances.

After Nick's performance at Piano's- a giant dickslap to New York City's pasty face.

I bet Cristi won't think this picture is rad but I do! And it's my web thing!

BJ was all in our area, and sang some tings for the Shout massif before the show abruptly ended.

Just like this entry.

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