Okay. Last entry featuring just pictures of Canadians.

Until CMJ.

I swear.

These are from 2 fridays ago. Royal Oak and stuff.

The night before this, Sebastien had his first shot of tequila ever. I had a hard time believing this was true but apparently it was, so deal with it.

Tonight we decided to get back in the tequila swing of things- in fact we stopped at the Turkey's Nest on the way to the Royal Oak just to get the first shot of the night over with. That took approximately 14 seconds- which, coincidentally is the maximum amount of time I can spend at the Turkey's Nest without wanting to hang myself from a shower rod.

In this photo, Jesse and Misty have "borrowed" our delicious lychee mojitos.

Misty, Seb, myself.

I was able to drink through the owl's nostrils. People could say "Pffft. Here's to a liberal arts education" at which point I would remind them "Not so fast! I dropped OUT of college. TWICE!!"

Misty fell asleep so she and Jesse left and asked if we might join them. "Aw thanks but... I think we're kinda committed to drinking and listening to terrible music"

Dunno who this girl is but she asked to try on the glasses so I took a picture. Nice bone structure though. If you know her, you can mention that when you see her,

Sign uprootage.

Sebastien succeeds where I have failed. This is the shit that happens when you drink tequila exclusively. Let's uproot this retarded Parks Department sign and replant it in the SAME park it belongs to, only on the OTHER side. It'll be like we flipped your world man!!!

Whatever. For all my trash talk this was one of the best nights of my life. Sounds silly but it was, dudes!

Dumb pictures now let's lie around under a swingset and watch mexicans chase other mexicans with sledgehammers till dawn. Thanks.

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