I'm fasting for peace

Bag of variety.
Here is the best confession i saw on Group Hug today:

"i sold my mother's wedding ring so i could buy a really rare beanie baby. "

Because holy shit if we haven't all been THERE before!

Also hilarious. Eugene Mirman.

In other news: If any of you either own Final Cut Pro or work for a company that has the original disks handy, I will pay you a small fee to procure these for me. I will also pay for you to FedEx them to me and I will FedEx them back before anyone at Motiontek Solutions/ AeroMedia Lab gets suspicious.

The other option is, if you know how to crack the security features on Final Cut that would be rad too. Because it's basically installed it's just all asking for the original disks and the original disks are in some public school in Texas, dig? I would pay for this knowledge as well.

The final option is of course you *buying* me Final Cut Pro because you are rich/guilty/want something in return.

And now for "Karl Says"

"i seen the virgin suicide book at the library and looked at it for 2 seconds then i was like "like i care why these chicks die when i can eat food whenever and play games""

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