Ultimate Barf

Okay. So last week my pal Nick was in town from Toronto. I already mentioned this- what I didn't mention is that he has a huge vomiting problem he failed to explain clearly in the emails leading up to his visit.

For real though, this is some car that was parked across from Max Fish on Wednesday night. At first, I was grossed out yet wanted to take a picture. As I played with my camera to perfectly capture the puke array, I became skeptical as to whether it was puke at all. The sheer AMOUNT of it was at the root of this skepticism. I mean, that is a veritable maelstrom of gastronomic refuse. And it's brown and has a fully formed baby hand in it?

I was torn between wanting to run away because it was so nasty and wanting to get real up-close and personal to take a better photo. I approached with the type of inquisitiveness that affects only the moderate to severely intoxicated, and perchanced to notice that it was all up in the door handle. A revenge vomit.

I expressed my thought to Nick that, had this been my car, and I arrived to find this vomit attack I would be at a total loss and just end up crying forever. I showed the picture to Karl later and his advice was far less menstrual- "just smash in on the other side, bro."

I would be too traumatized.

Okay, so in summation- Yes, this is a great heap of some rich hongo's SUV. Yes, the concept of "revenge vomit" is hilarious to all of us. Yes, it is gross and *maybe* it's fake. Discuss.

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