this entry is kinda pure BALLS. sorry.

So Jesse, Sebastien and Kevin are probably on their way to Montreal right now. The Death from Above show got moved from Brooklyn to Long Island and we got a little lost but everything worked out and DFA ruled and The Red Light Sting were totally amazing and the huge traffic jam we got stuck in on the way home was none too slammin. My mom took us out to dinner and fell in love with everyone immediately. "It's like... they don't have to try and act all cool. They just ARE cool..."

Last night Bill Hoffmann, sleaze reporter for the New York Post took my mom and I out for some drinks and my mom took a cigarette from my hand to "try" smoking. I couldn't watch!!! It was too weird. My doorman told me I looked really nice. I was taking the dress I got for Kevin's wedding on a little test drive.

Today i talked to my pal Kitty about starting some arty porn site where we will wear cute animal masks. I also talked to Raymi about um...regular porn sites where no animal masks are present. And I talked to Dennis about all we ever talk about, and how I am slowly becoming more and more of a wimp everyday.

dece digital: when you were a kid?
fevrier records: yeah
fevrier records: NO FEAR
fevrier records: i would jump off like .. buildings
dece digital: what happened?
fevrier records: just stopped doing it
dece digital: no you didnt
fevrier records: yeah man.
fevrier records: everyday since I was like 10 i have become more and more of a pussy.
dece digital: hahhahahha
dece digital: write that in your journal
dece digital: thats hype

So, at Bruise Lee's request... there it is... man. Cigarettes are $7.50 here. When is the world going to stop punishing smokers and start punishing the morbidly obese?? Like why the fuck are devil dogs still $.79???

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