Let's Wrestle

Not that anything I have to say now will be better than the awesome 'interview with me' from earlier this week... but i thought I'd give it a go. It's 3:28am and I am about to embark on the xmas cookie bakeoff that will take me clear into tomorrow evening. Tonight at work I assembled a list of holiday cookie recipients worldwide ... did YOU make the list?

Oh. um... well would you like to? I am going to be mailing boxes off anyway.. so if you are a special person then you can tell me why you deserve special treats and maybe I will send you some in some gladware.

In other news ..sometimes people try to play me like I'm a tard. But shit. I'm a regular psychic terror. You pick up the phone? I'm listening. You rollin your eyes? I'm noticing. Hell, you take a shit in Phoenix, I'm smellin it in Des Moines. I'm *that* good.

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