rags you stuffed into your stab wounds

Sorry yall weren't feelin that last 'entry' - I promise to be better about not gypping you in the future.

So I am back in Canada. Dale was the only one around when I got home last night but that was perfect because not only does he listen to my stories in their entirety but he also wanted to eat half a pizza. So we got a pizza and ate it and watched Ali G and then Dan got back from Ladytron and helped us out (not with the pizza- he had his own).

But before all this was the flight from Newark to Pearson. Jetsgo is pretty cool airline. The flight attendants wear leather jackets and you can't beat the price.

So anyway, they misplaced about 25 bags so a bunch of us had to wait around an extra 20 minutes. I didn't care once I found out my bag was not LOST and was only put on the wrong conveyor. But man, old people will complain about anything. This nice customer service lady was making an announcement about the bags and how they will come down on the original carousel as soon as they can be gathered up and trucked over. And this assbag thinking he's being all "airport funny guy" says something like "when?...TODAY!? we been waiting an HOUR! This is just RIDICULOUS."

Meanwhile, his sweater was violating like 18 criminal codes of 'wrong' and his facial hair arrangement was some sort of grey kudzu nightmare. Then some red-nosed menopausella keeps rolling her eyes and asking if her bags are going to be delivered to her home. The customer service girl didn't even know how to answer that one. I didn't either. I just sorta laughed out loud. "LOLed", if you will.

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