Feed the Baby!

Man! I made a New Years promise that 2003 was the year I'd appear on a Canadian postage stamp and it's already January 10th and no stamp. TaLk aBoUt pReSsUrE?!?!

Last night Dale, Karen and Beth and myself went to the Cloak and Dagger and then to Oasis where some makeshift David Blaine made us participate in his card tricks.

Then we took a cab to Beth's so she could feed the animals and grab some wine, then we proceeded to my house where we got our ripped on and watched Mr. Show.

The night before *that* however- me and dennis and sebastien and JFK and Cheryl went to the Silver Dollar for bluegrass night and it was fine and dandy fun with banjos and beer. I shall return next week.

Okay. I have to figure out what i can make beth for breakfast before she gets fussy.

bye bye

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