Don't Hassle Me.

Sorry sorry sorry and stuff. Here are some Christmas-timey pictograms for you! New Years to follow! I should really hop on the Flickr bus but I can't be bothered with anymore passwords and usernames-

Mom snapped this one in front of the tree. We opened all the presents on Christmas Eve. It's a Mann tradish.

My pal Lauren met us to do some karaoke at a bar a girl I kinda used to be an acquaintance with in high school works at!

Would you believe Mike performed "99 Problems"? Complete with Canadian twang.

Ivana and Lila were who I came to see. And they showed up, all sweet-smelling and full of drama. I love it.

After my rendition of 'Uptown Girl' I pretty much had said all I needed to say on the karaoke tip, so Mike and I went to Jones Cafe to see if Mark Ibold has gray hair yet. Then Mike had his photo taken with this small bit of Americana.

Not sure where this one was taken. Alligator? Barcade? Dunno. Why? Because Deirdre is there. She's like the Patron Saint of Blackouts.

Yo, I heard this guy is rich.

Someone wrote "not clever" on one of Val Kilmer's heads. We laughed because well, if you lived in Toronto you would know. Sorry, is that a lame explanation?

Okay. So. That's it. Bye.

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