I'll colour the sky with you, I'll let you choose the blue.

On my way to work today on my bike I noticed Beth standing at the corner so i slammed on my bike brakes right in front of her and asked if she was going to Mates of State. She said yeah, I said yeah too- she invited me to her house after work and we continued on our separate ways. I worked (it). I arrived at Beth's- she cracked open some $6 wine, I headed straight for some Mr. Noodle. We sat around and drank a bit, smoked a bit of 'dro and went to the Tequila Lounge. Beth and I met at a Mates of State show just short of a year ago and now we were on our way to see them again. We decided it was our anniversary but I didn't buy her shit.

The show was extremely great and I bought their most recent album. I had a lot I wanted to say about the show but the words have left me now. On the way there the phone rang and it was Dale. The most amazing thing happened to him. See, Dale Ronson from Oshawa is not just this total fag who steals my clothes, smokes my cigarettes and refuses to play Dreamcast with me- he is a painter. Some of his paintings were on display in some ritzy store in Yorkville. Mick Jagger perchanced to visit this store and yeah... Mick Jagger bought one of his fucking paintings. Interestingly enough, so did Beth's parents. Go Bruce!

Beth and I walked to go meet the Jesses, Lt. Bleuet and Daft Crunk. Mod Club was gay but it was nice to see Karen and Dale. He was BEAMING. Marq, MastaPowerful and my former enemy Brian Minogue showed up. It was good times. Memories. We went to Pizza Gigi... then Beth and I went to 'Pizza Cora' ... now I shall sleep.

I should have done an entry last night about the amazing movie me, mer, maggie, hatty and Seb filmed the other night- but I'll say this.... it STEALS... I was too busy editing that bitch to write about it. Deal.

I get paid tomorrow.

In the words of Dan Burke- "I'm the fucking KING OF SPADINA." Oh wait, not Spadina- I meant- THIS WHOLE FUCKING PLANET.

Ya heard?

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