Friendster or Foester?

Well the diary got sort of stuck because I meant to do an entry about last Saturday's FANTASTIC booze cruise with David Cross and company. And I still intend to *do* that entry- photos and all- but I figured I'd say some other shit first since we all know the likelihood of my getting something I promised to finish actually finished, is slim!

I've been working this temp job since Monday. It's odd having to be somewhere at 8am. I'm not sure how you say in America- but my country has a word-- "torture" -- you know this ? It's like that! But I live a mere subway stop away from my office and get an hour for lunch so I come home everyday, watch some poop TV, eat some delicious foods and hang with my mom.

Point form:

Tuesday night Cristi came over and watched some Queer Eye for the Straight Guy with me and mumsy.

We went to Corner Bistro and enjoyed some beer.

Then we ventured to APT for iParty with AndrewAndrew and had a glorious time discussing freemasons, republicans, NPR hosts, geography and design with a small cast of wonderful characters.

Last night I went to the Seripop/ Ace Fu party at 169 Bar on E. Broadway and was met by Canadian pals, Marek and Olivia. Olivia got asked to model for Neighborhoodies
I ran into my friend/friendster Ryan outside as we were leaving to go to...
Magnetic Field in Brooklyn Heights to hang out with Skippy and hear him play the new Graham Smith shit. Oh yeah. Plus $2 Rheingolds.
Then we took a cab back into manhattan, gorged on salad bar food and I went home to sleep.

Tonight another pal from Toronto descends on New York City in the form of Ace- who has promised me a delicious dinner and some quality weed in exchange for sleeping at my house for 2 days. Not like fool needs to promise me anything- I am enjoying my new career as a 'cultural liason' ...

I think I'll add it to my Friendster profile.

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