Now THIS is great television!

Sorry I have not posted in a few days. I was speechless. written-wordless. All this because of a recent episode of Fear Factor. First of all I'd like to say that I do not *watch* this show. This was the second episode I'd ever seen a part of ... but anyway. Without further ado...

There was a segment where women had to dive head first into a huge vat of pig's blood and retrieve plastic rings with their mouths. Sometimes I see this sort of thing in horror movies and I get really really grossed out and scared- but then i relax at night knowing it was all fake and Hollywood pays people lots of money to figure out new ways to make people die realistically (of course, by realistically I mean getting stuffed in a wood chipper)

Anyway, this was not fake blood. This blood came from dead animals and was probably room temperature and salty and rancid. And their parents were probably watching. And little kids were probably watching. And if there is a God- He was watching. And for some sick reason I cannot even defend, I was watching. And screaming. And wanting to be sick.

As if watching these women spit blood onto the floor, watching it run down their bodies and soak their hair and sports bras wasn't enough to destroy my mind- afterwards we got to see them shower. The camera zooms on breasts, on open mouths spitting out blood and hot water, girls running their hands through their blood red hair.

Hot slaughter porn... on NBC.

Now I may be lily-livered- I do cut the brown spots out of bananas and close my eyes when driving past roadkill. And shit. Maybe it's because I've been a vegetarian for the past 12 years, but honestly I just don't understand what motivates people to even come up with this shit.

In other news of the same order- Perrier now comes in cans.

And did I say lily-livered? I meant "i have no liver"-ed (see below)

Me and my pal Dennis at the Trucker Magazine "party"

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