i hate canada

August 24th
11:21 pm

So I'd like to start by saying I got fired today? I go buy some stuff at this healthfood store and sit in the park and eat and think of ways to make money and come up with 'ice fisherman.' Then, I'm waiting at the streetcar stop and then sun is in my eyes so I guess my face was all scrunched up like an animal when some dumbfuck walks by and stops just to my right. I figure he is a freak because I am in Parkdale and he comes around to right in front of me and sure enough, I am right:

'I hope I'm not responsible for that disgusted look on your face.."
"Oh no, not at all it's just-"
"Don't make eye contact with a man if you're not going to smile."
"I didn't even make eye-"
Then he gets all frenzied, screaming, "DON'T MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH A MAN UNLESS YOU'RE GOING TO SMILE!!!!"

A few minutes later a bleach blonde junkie lady comes stumbling out of the park and walks into traffic but not before giving me the evil eye like 9 times. Some people really should get hit by streetcars.

Nobody in Canada fucking gets it. Seriously. I was so pissed off today. I think it was some obvious misplaced aggression but fuck Toronto today.

So yeah, my streetcar broke down and it took me over an hour to get home.

fevrier records: are you upset because you have lots of clothing with flames? do you have flames painted on your bike with some airbrushed detailing that says 'the need for speeeeeed' ?
bearjerk: hahaha. no, i am not disagreeing with the flames being dumb. i just am trying to figure out where i walked through the time portal to 1999 when that was a new observation

Yeah? When did I walk through the time portal to where SOMEONE needs a diaper change? Ha.

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